Industry Brochure of the Sector Association EMINT
This industry brochure presents electronics production equipment and micro technologies together. Find the outline of our industry, the expertise of our members, and all contacts from a single source. Latest edition 2017, in English and German.
+++ Cancellation +++ EMINT Annual Meeting 2020 in Leipzig
+++ The annual meeting is cancelled - the board meeting will take place as web meeting +++
VDMA Productronics
Our member companies cover the entire process chain of electronics production - from semiconductors to fully assembled modules. They are also involved in related areas such as displays, photovoltaic and LED production and data storage.
Our Board
Five reputable representatives of companies along the process chain of electronics production set the course for our sector group, which is part of the association "Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies" since 30.09.2014. Board and management decide on the tasks, strategies and activities for the benefit of our members. Chairman of the Board is Volker Pape, Viscom AG, Vice Chairman is Dr. Stefan Rinck, SINGULUS Technologies AG.
Executive Board of the Sector Association
Ten renowned company representatives from the EMINT sector form the executive board of our sector association. They define the course of the sector association with their expertise. Together with the employees of the VDMA sector association, the executive board develops strategies, activities and tasks that are adapted to the needs of the members. In this way, we ensure that we always act in a service-oriented manner and constantly adjust our range of services to the high innovation cycles of the industry.

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Research Guide Electronic Production
We, the Productronic (Electronics Production) department of the VDMA Electronics, Micro and Nano Technologies (EMINT) Association, would like to create a research guide for our members with relevant research institutes from the world of electrical engineering. The aim is to give our members an overview of the research landscape and thus an easy tool for finding potential project partners.
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Mandy Schulz
Mandy Schulz
Sector Group
Productronics (Electronics Production)
+49 69 6603-1937
+49 69 6603-2937
Dr. Sandra Engle
Dr. Sandra Engle
Productronic (Elektronikproduktion)
+49 (0) 69-6603-1128
+49 (0) 69-6603-2128
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